Forest site

The forest site is a mix of forest/grassland land cover. Grasslands typically occur in the areas of rapid or very poor soil drainage. The remainder of the area is dominated by deciduous forest. Areas of willows are sometimes present which represent the transition between aspen forest and poorly drained areas dominated by grasses. The landscape is generally dominated by aspen forest with varying levels of maturity with some sites dominated by younger aspen trees. Some wooded sites are also pastured. Grasses are grazed down with little undergrowth of shrubs and seedlings.

During SMAPVEX12, 5 forested sites will be sampled for soil and vegetation characteristic measurements.

Site 1: Good gravel road access, mainly Aspen averaging 30 feet in height. Site used for pasture.

Site 4: Will require a 4x4 vehicule as road has very sandy soft portions. Entire section had a prescribed burn this spring, burning off nearly all grass and shrubs. Aspen and Oak were about 20 feet and were not affected by the fire.

Site 2: Can only be accessed by walking or using an ATV (possibly a truck) for 800 m along fence line before getting to edge of site. No vehicules are permitted during summer. Site is mainly young Aspen 20 feet, so older Elm.

Site 5: Aspen were 20–40 feet and Oak were about 25 feet. There is a large sand ridge through the center of the site.

Site 3: Good gravel road access. Aspen are 20–40 feet on west side of road, Aspen are 20–30 feet on east side of road.

Pictures of SMAPVEX12 forest sites. Flight lines in red, Forested sites in green, Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in blue, Walking distances in in yellow. Numbers are Site numbers and suggested access points locations.